Archipelago Boticario de Havana Soap on a Rope

Archipelago Boticario de Havana Soap on a Rope
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Product Description

This formulation has been specifically created and authenticated by the master chemist.

Authentically blended with: Coffee, Orange Blossom & Bergamot

Dispensary: Ground coffee beans naturally exfoliate. Pure vegetable base

In the 1940's the world flocked to Havana. From Hemingway to Hollywood, they came for the nightlife but left with the secrets of small apothecaries or "botacarias" - that dotted the side streets of the city. Blended with natural ingredients like coffee bean and tobacco flower, and pure essences and extracts of orange, sugar cane, and sweet pineapple - the chemists crafted their own formulations to promote beautiful, soft and healthy looking skin. Today we know those ingredients contain alpha hydroxyl acids, antioxidants and other agents that actively moisturize and reduce the redness associated with dry, rough skin.

Enjoy the daily rituals of the Botacario - recreated exclusively by Archipelago.

Made in the USA