Chef'n Flexicado Arugula/Wasabi Avocado Slicer

Chef'n Flexicado Arugula/Wasabi Avocado Slicer
Item# 024817
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Product Description

Flexicado Avocado Slicer, Innovative Avocado Slicer, Flexes To Fit, 1 Scoop Removes Flesh From Halved Avocado, Durable Nylon Construction, Dishwasher Safe.

One 'cado fits allovcados! The nylon body of the Flexicado is firm yet flexible; one scoop removes the flesh from a halved avocado of any size. The innovative design is Dishwasher safe; the teeth of the slicer are easy to clean and kid friendly. Chef'n began twenty years ago based on the principle that kitchen products could be a lot smarter, easier and more fun. Right from day one, Chef'n found an audience hungry for its brand of Tasteful Ingenuity