Get a Grip Herb Tea for PMS/Menopause

Get a Grip Herb Tea for PMS/Menopause
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Product Description

Women are complex creatures, often ruled by a delicate balance of hormones. But when those hormones are out of balance, or monthly blues cramp your style, it's reassuring to know you can get a grip with a simple cup of this herbal tea. Based on high-antioxidant, organic rooibos, our caffeine-free blend also includes soothing chaste berry and black cohosh, which encourages hormonal harmony and can assist in reducing premenstrual and menopausal annoyances.

Ingredients: Rooibos (leaf), Licorice (root), Eleuthero (root), Parsley (leaf), Black Cohosh (root), Chaste Berry (fruit), Chase Berry (fruit) Extract, Dong Quai (root) Extract, Birch (bark), Roasted Chicory (root), Natural Honey Flavor.