Sip your way to five a day with more than 50 recipes for great-tasting smoothies and juices!

Green Drinks
Green Drinks
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More than 50 great recipes for healthy drinks that will help you follow a green smoothie diet

These green juice recipes taste great, assist with detox, promote health and help you meet your daily requirement of fruits and vegetables.

By enjoying fresh, raw green juice, green smoothies and juice blends on a regular basis, you are on the path to good health, and with the addition of superfoods, you are on the superhighway to rejuvenating and invigorating both mind and body. Whether you’re looking for a potent pick-me-up, an effective detoxifier or an anti-ageing rejuvenator, this book shows how to make flavor-packed juices, smoothies and blends with these – and many other – therapeutic properties.