Umbra Cru Wine Rack in Black

Umbra Cru Wine Rack in Black
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Product Description

Good wine isnít just about the liquid that fills a glass. Itís not even solely about how it tastes. Some of the best wines could fall short if it isnít paired with an experience. Thatís what can make a wine the best. Part of this experience is how you store and display your wine. Your quality wine doesnít deserve to just sit on the counter or in the background as if part of some humdrum decor. No, it deserves to be displayed in a way that would make an artistic eye do a double-take. Thatís precisely what the Cru Wine Rack by Umbra does.

Designed by Dennis Lin, this wine rack consists of circular shapes with various attaching points allowing you to create your own wine rack sculpture. The Cru Wine Rack allows you to become your own designer and create your own home decor artwork. Since it comes with various-sized holders, any bottle you own is sure to fit in this rack. The Cru Wine Rack is an essential for any wine lover. In our house, we skip the wine altogether and use this versatile device as our magazine rack ó just roll them up and display them in the various sized circles.