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A Mother's Day Brunch That's So Easy Even the Kids Can Make It

With a little help from the kids, Mother's Day brunch will be ready in no time.

Mother's Day is coming soon, and that means Mom gets a break. So, who is making brunch? The kids. Adults are not totally off the hook, as supervision and a little assistance are required. Will Dad helm the kitchen, or will you oversee the kids? Either way, this is a menu that the kids can truly take part in—and that Mom will definitely enjoy.

Let them make delicious cold brew for Mom, then work together to make peekaboo toast, an egg-and-avocado dish that is fun for kids and sophisticated enough for Mom to love. Serve the toast with celery bites, another task perfect for little hands. Then the kids will steal the show with their homemade muesli. Remember kids are great helpers for other jobs too; have them set the table and pick out the plates for a Mother's Day to remember.

To Drink

Teach your child (who's old enough to manage a blender) to make this Blender Green Juice with Pineapple. Mom can have green juice every morning, not just on Mother's Day. It's super simple for kids to measure frozen pineapple chunks, spinach, mint leaves, and water into the blender carafe. Then let them press the button and watch as the ingredients are transformed into juice. As always with appliances, show the kids how to properly use the blender and keep a watchful eye on them. If Mom is a coffee drinker, make sure to have a pot ready as well—green juice isn't the answer to everything.

The Main

Yes, we've found another way to revamp the beloved avocado toast; this time we're adding an egg into the toast, literally. We transformed egg-in-the-hole—what we're certain is every child's favorite egg preparation—into a Peekaboo Avocado Toast that will be a Mom favorite, too. An adult or responsible teenager should manage the cooking; younger kids can poke out the hole in each slice of bread and crack an egg into it. They can also top the toast with avocado and serve.

Weekends carries a variety of fresh baked Zingerman's Breads that would work great for this avocado toast recipe!

On the Side

What is brunch without cream cheese? Skip the bagels and have the kids stir "everything" bagel seasoning into cream cheese, then fill little celery boats with the mixture. Consider this also a training session for making their own after-school snack.

Something Sweet

Muesli, granola's easier-to-make (and healthier) cousin, requires no baking. It's all measure and mix, and all the kids. Put out oats, nuts, and dried fruits like our favorite Cherry Republic Dried Cherries (found in Weekends) along with measuring spoons and let them make their muesli mixture for this. They can also scatter it over individual bowls of yogurt, then top with fresh fruit to serve. For a super sweet finish to Mom's special brunch, add a drizzle of honey.

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