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Celebrate July 4th with a Red, White, and Blue Appetizer Tray

There's no better way to feed a crowd this holiday.

Looking to celebrate this 4th of July in a big way? Set out a tray that expresses your patriotic spirit with the most delicious red, white, and blue snacks. Here are our stylish tips for what to pick and how to arrange the tray.

Keep It Natural

An appetizing spread starts with delicious food, which means selecting snacks that are naturally red, white, blue. To maintain an organic look, avoid dyed foods. Some of our favorite fruits, vegetables, meats, cheeses, dips, pickled items, and nuts just happen to fit the bill.

Go Ombré

A beautiful board explores different shades of each color rather than just straightforward red, white, and blue. Start with red and gradually move from light to dark with picks like watermelon wedges, radishes, coppa, cherry tomatoes, and pickled peppers. Select different hues of white from super-white mozzarella cheese and labneh to off-white crackers and lightly tanned blanched almonds.

Don't Overdo Blue

Blue just isn't a color that shows up in many foods, so don't force it. Represent blue with a couple of handfuls of sweet summer blueberries, something everyone will enjoy. If you're feeling funky, add a wedge of blue cheese like Stilton or Roquefort.

Add Green

The right pops of green freshen up the look without distracting from the patriotic spirit. Leave the rind on watermelon, stems on cherries, and delicate leaves on radishes. If you can find them, buy cherry tomatoes on the vine. Add a few of everyone's favorite dipping vegetables, like cucumber and celery. And of course, a fresh leafy green herb, like basil.

Break Up White

Too much white drags down the visual of the board. Sprinkle red seasonings over white cheeses and dips, like a dash of sumac over labneh or red pepper flakes on marinated mozzarella balls. Scatter herb sprigs over white vegetables like white carrots or endive. Select white crackers with plenty of texture and add nuts such as almonds or macadamias.

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