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Farmhouse Cold Brew


  • 1 cup Schuil Coffee (ground)

  • 3 cups cold water

  • Milk or cream for serving, optional

  • Stonewall Kitchen Dark Sea Salt Caramel Sauce or Coffee Caramel Sauce, for serving, optional


  1. Combine coffee and water in a mason jar and shake well. Let sit on counter at room temperature overnight.

  2. Line a mesh strainer with a fine cheesecloth and place over a large bowl or measuring cup. Pour coffee through the cheesecloth to collect all of the grounds. Discard grounds.

  3. Line mesh strainer with fresh cheesecloth and strain the cold brew, for a second time, back into the Mason jar and chill.

  4. When ready to serve, mix cold brew concentrate with equal parts water and serve over ice. Add milk or cream and a drizzle of caramel sauce if desired.

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